Commerce Casino FAQ

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Is there a dress code at the casino?

Dress code strictly enforced

What are your hours?

The Commerce is open 24 hours a day.

Where are you located?

We're located at 6131 Telegraph Road in sunny Commerce, California. Just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and right down the road from the Citadel Outlet Mall. To get here, take the 5 Freeway to the Washington exit and follow the signs for The Commerce. Visit our contact page for more directions to Commerce Casino.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have a large free parking lot with plenty of spaces. Valet is offered for a fee at the hotel main entrance.

How old do you have to be to play at The Commerce?

We welcome players of all skill levels, 21 years of age or older.

Do you have slot machines?

No. The Commerce Casino is California's #1 venue for games of skill, and slot machines are considered games of luck.We have all forms of Poker, 21st Century Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, and Asian style games such as Pai Gow Poker, and Super Nine. Visit our games page for a complete list of casino card games.

How many tables do you have?

With 330 tables (and counting!) on over 91,000 square feet of casino floor, The Commerce Casino is the largest card casino on Earth. Any time of day or night, we've always got a seat at the table for you.

How old is The Commerce?

The Commerce Casino has been a Los Angeles institution since 1983.

How many people visit The Commerce Casino daily?

More than 10,000 people play at The Commerce every day.

Are beginners welcome at The Commerce?

Absolutely. We were all beginners at one time or another, and our friendly staff is more than happy to show new customers the ropes. Talk to Player Relations and we'll walk you through the basics of any game you'd like to play!

Are there any special gambling terms I need to know to play at The Commerce?

Like any activity with passionate followers, Poker and Card players have their own lingo. Some terms that might come in handy are: Ante – a small bet required of all players before play begins in certain games Big Blind – the second bet, placed before the game begins, usually by the player to the right of the button. Typically, the big blind is double the small blind. Board – the community cards available to all players Button – a marker that designates the "dealer' for the current game. At The Commerce, our in-house dealers handle the cards; the button indicates who is required to post the small and big blinds for each game. Hole – the cards that are dealt to each player Flop – the first round of community cards dealt Pre-Flop – the betting period that takes place before the flop is dealt River – the fifth community card dealt; also known as "fifth street" Showdown – the final round of betting Small Blind – the first bet, placed before the game begins, usually by the player to the left of the button Turn – the fourth community card dealt; also known as "fourth street"

Can I eat while playing?

Yes, you are allowed to eat and drink while playing at the tables.

Is smoking allowed?

We are a smoke-free casino, however, smoking is allowed outside and in designated non-gaming smoking rooms.

Do celebrities play there? If so who are they?

Because of our proximity to Hollywood, we do have regulars who you might recognize. We won't divulge their names out of respect for their privacy. But celebrity or not, everyone gets the royal treatment at The Commerce.

Is The Commerce on social media?

We are. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for news, discounts, invitations, and special deals. You can also subscribe to our monthly Mailing List for additional news and special casino promotions at the bottom of any page on this website.

How big is the The Commerce Casino & Hotel®?

The hotel at The Commerce Casino has 200 rooms, including executive rooms and suites – with some of the most reasonable rates in Los Angeles. To book now, click here.

Do you offer ATM’s and other cash access services?

Yes. We have several ATM machines. In addition, our Player Cash kiosks allow you to obtain a cash advance from your credit card or a point of sale withdrawal from your ATM or debit card. To access this service, simply perform your transaction at a Player Cash kiosk (located adjacent to our cashier cage) and proceed to the cashier cage to complete your transaction.

Are there any fees associated with ATM or Player Cash Transactions?

ATM Fee Notice – We charge a fee of $4.99 for cash withdrawals at our ATM’s. This fee is added to your transaction amount and is in addition to any fee that may be charged by your financial institution. Player Cash Fee Notice – Player Cash is provided by a third party vendor who charges a fee for each transaction performed. The fee is added to your transaction amount and is in addition to any fee that may be charged by your financial institution.

Do you offer player bank accounts?

Yes. We offer player bank accounts for the convenience of our customers. To establish an account, simply visit our cashier cage.

Is The Commerce a tribal casino?

No, The Commerce Casino is privately-owned.

If The Commerce isn't a tribal casino, how is it legal?

In California, it is legal to host California-approved games of skill anywhere in the state.