Responsible Gaming

Mission Statement

Commerce Casino believes problem gambling is an important issue that can have serious consequences for the individual, the family and the community. In an ongoing effort to provide a safe and enjoyable environment, Commerce Casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming to all our patrons and employees. If you or anyone you know has problem gambling, we encourage you to find out more about the Responsible Gaming (RG) Programs that are available to you.

What RG Programs are Available to Me?

If you are interested in barring yourself from gaming, you may choose between Commerce Casino’s Self-Restricted Program or the State of California’s Self-Exclusion Program.
Commerce Casino’s Self-Restricted Program allows Patrons to be self-restricted from our premises and gaming activities at Commerce Casino for a select period of time.  This includes:

  • Denied access to Commerce Casino premises, including hotel and restaurants.
  • Denied access to check cashing privileges, credit card cash access machines, entry in tournaments, or promotions.
  • Forfeiting unredeemed proceeds from DOJ approved gaming activities.

Violators of the Responsible Gaming Program may be charged with criminal trespass if found on our premises.
The State of California’s Self-Exclusion Program is similar except a self-exclusion list shall be maintained by the state and applied to California Gambling Establishments or participating gaming facilities.

Getting Started?

Request an Information/Application Packet from our Security Office or Guest Services to find out about either Commerce Casino’s Self-Restricted Program, or the State of California’s Self-Exclusion Program.
If you require assistance in completing any of the forms, or have questions or concerns, you may request to speak with a Shift Manager or a RG Point Person who can explain the program and further assist you.
Enrollment is voluntary and must be processed in-person.

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